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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Sandhill Select Horses.  Sandhill Select Horses was established in 2019 by Jeremy & Jennifer Knoles ~ Knoles Performance Horses. Our goal was to help connect clients, followers, friends, and equine enthusiasts all over the world with horses that suit their interests and are represented by the owners, trainers, or sale agents truthfully.  We continue our effort to offer the best selection of Performance Horses, solid Ranch Horses, and Prospects with honest representation. Several horses offered in our sales are either in training with Jeremy, have been in training with KPH, have been evaluated and have had a detailed, hands-on evaluation, or have personally been observed by Jeremy.  Select horses offered in our sale will have a “SELECT” flag or Sandhill Select Horses watermark listed on their advert for identification.

We encourage anyone interested in purchasing a horse on our sale to contact the horse owners, trainers, and/or agents listed, ask questions, as well as watch videos provided on social media, YouTube, and the sale preview, if available, to make your own conclusion on the fitting of the horse for your interests or needs.  Serious buyers interested in any horse represented by Jeremy ~ Knoles Performance Horses should contact us for more information or to set up a time to come try them out. It is ultimately your responsibility to make sure a horse is a good fit for you. 


We urge everyone to read the Terms and Conditions of our sales. 
Preregistration and preapproval are required to obtain a buyer’s number.

We have had the honor and privilege of training and showing several outstanding horses in multiple disciplines and thank each and every one of our horse owners, fans, followers, and friends for your support in our journey.  If you buy a horse at our sale and would like the horse to either continue training with KPH, to be evaluated by or to begin training with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
If you are in the market for a nice solid ranch or performance horse, or if you are looking for a prospect, we hope you will checkout Sandhill Select Horses first! 

Jeremy & Jennifer Knoles & family 
Sandhill Select Horses LLC
Knoles Performance Horses LLC