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Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions of Sale

All Participants are urged to take notice of and thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the sale for the sales/auctions published within the sale website. 

Sandhill Select Horses LLC, is an independent contractor and is recognized as “Sales Manage­ment.” 

WARRANTIES: All horses consigned to this sale are offered in accordance with the laws of the State of Nebraska.  There is no warranty, expressed or implied, by Sandhill Select Horses, nor any sale staff member as to the soundness, condition, merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose of any horse offered. All horses sell as is where is with all conditions and defects, if any.  Any guarantees announced during the auction are strictly between Owner/Consignor and Buyer and on behalf of the Owner/Consignor.

Seller Warrants the title of the animal is free from all adverse claims to ownership, use, or possession.  Sellers have offered limited warranties - agreeing to the “Buy with Confidence” terms - to release or disclose any known pre-existing issues or conditions - if the animal is a cribber, wind sucker, stall weaver, or parrot mouthed; if the animal is known to have been nerved or have navicular disease or is foundered.  It is the Bidder/Buyer responsibility to ask questions relating to your horse’s health history, behavior, ability etc. It is also the Bidder/Buyer responsibility to make sure the horse is a good fit and to exercise the your right to a prepurchase exam.  Consignors, Owners, and Agents are not responsible for a person’s inability to ride or get along with a horse.  Some examples of questions to asks are available here.

BROODMARES:  No Guarantees are made by the Sandhill Select Horses or any representative thereof, Jeremy or Jennifer Knoles regarding the pregnancy status, eventual foaling, or fertility of any horse offered for sale.  Final pregnancy status on broodmares will be announced at the time of sale on the Seller’s behalf and will take precedence over printed material in the catalog or in advertising.  Any contractual agreements between owners and broodmares in the sale and owners of Stallions to which these mares may have been bred and are strictly between the Buyer and Seller. 

Warranty with respect to descended testes does not apply to any horse sold prior to January 1 of his yearling year. 

Genetic testing results are not guaranteed by Sandhill Select Horses or Jeremy or Jennifer Knoles.

BIDDING PROCESS: All Bidders must register and receive a buyer’s number.  The highest bidder shall become the Buyer.  The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any or all bids. 

BIDDING DISPUTES: Should any dispute arise between two or more bidders, or should there become an issue with the auction platform, the Auctioneer shall settle said dispute and may roll-back and reopen the bidding, solely between bidders having claimed the last bid, or may reopen to all bidders with the highest bidder becoming the buyer regardless of whether the final bid equals or exceeds the original disputed bid - and that decision (by Auctioneer) shall be absolute, final and binding on all parties. A reserve price may be set by Seller/Consignor and they reserve the right to protect their reserve price. Once the Seller's reserve price is met, a notification will appear on the screen showing "Reserve Price Met."

ACCOUNT SETTLEMENT: You will receive an email with an invoice to be paid and notifying you of your winning bid. We will need to be notified as soon as possible which form of payment you will be using.  Account settlements must be made for the full purchase price by 3 pm CST, the following business day after the sale, in the form of US currency and drawn on US banks only and using the following acceptable methods of payment: 

1) Wire Transfer (preferred method) – please send confirmation of wire transfer by 3 pm, the next business day after the sale. If this is your chosen payment please contact us and we will send you wire instructions

2) US Cash 

3) US Cashier’s Check, bank verified 

Make all payments directly to Sandhill Select Horses. Verification of Payment in full must be sent to us by Monday 3 pm CST via email to  If payment is not confirmed, withing 48 hours, we will immediately contact the next highest bidder. 

You will receive an email with a link to the forms that need to be completed: Buyer’s Acknowledgement Agreement, Bill of Sale, and tax exempt form (if applicable). You MUST complete and sign the forms.  Once payment and signatures are received and cleared by our office, your horse will be ready for transport. 

DEFAULT: Sandhill Select Horses are operating on an honor system. Winning bidders who fail to pay for an item, will be subject to collection on the full purchase price and any associated taxes and fees, or if the item is sold to the second highest bidder or relisted by the seller, any shortfall in resale price plus Failure to Pay may also result in the buyer’s account being suspended from participation in all future auctions.  All past buyers who have passed a returned check or faulty payment to Sandhill Select Horses or associated businesses will be forthcoming and acknowledge their offense. Incomplete transactions, dishonesty, or failure to comply with our terms of payment or of consignment may result in termination from future sales.

TITLE, RISKS, AND DELIVERY:  Title to and risk of loss passes to the buyer at the final fall of the Auctioneer’s gavel, which is the point in time where bidding has closed online on the particular lot.  Immediately after the horse is sold Buyer assumes all risk of loss, responsibility, maintenance, care, and expenses for the horse. Risk of Loss includes, but is not limited to illness, injury, or death of the horse. The Buyer further agrees to hold the Auctioneer, Consignor, Sandhill Select Horses LLC, any representative thereof, and Jeremy and or Jennifer Knoles harmless from all loss, cost, and expenses arising from, but not limited to injury, illness, or death of such animal, or loss or damage to property, and injury or death of persons, caused by the Buyer, their Agents, employees, or by the animal, subsequent to the time of purchase. Title and all risks are assumed by the Buyer whether or not delivery or pick up of the horse has been made. Delivery or Pickup of a purchased horse shall be contingent upon the Buyer making a full settlement.  Transportation arrangements are the responsibility of the Buyer. 

All horses are to have a current negative Coggins and Current Health Certificate. 

REGISTRATION CERTIFICATES: All original registration, transfer reports, and/or applicable breeders certificate guarantees, and/or registration applications, will be held by the Sandhill Select Horses or Consignor until the Buyer’s payment clears the drawee’s bank and become unconditional credit. Upon payment clearance, all applicable paperwork will either be handed directly to Buyer or Buyer’s appointee or forwarded directly to the proper breed association from the Sale Company or designee.  The Buyer shall be responsible for payments of all applicable transfer fees. 

Pending registration applications being processed by the appropriate registration agency at the time of sale will be returned from the agency to the Seller who shall in turn deliver to the Sale Company, Buyer, or Agency for proper handling.

LIEN/SECURITY INTEREST: To secure the payment of the purchase price and expenses for any horse purchased, together with all other indebtedness owed or hereafter owning by the buyer to SSH, the buyer hereby grants a purchase money security interests and lien in and to each horse described in or covered by the Buyers Acknowledgement of Online Purchase And Security Agreement and all accounts, contract rights, regis­tration papers, breeder’s certificates, records, general intangibles, proceeds and products relating thereto. 

LIABILITY: Sandhill Select Horses LLC, the Auctioneer, any representative of Sandhill Select Horses LLC, and Jeremy and or Jennifer Knoles, is not responsible for any liability whatsoever, including, but not limited to, the loss, damage, injury, death or illness of any horse, person, or property before, during or after the sale. All transactions are between the Buyer and Seller.  In the event of any legal dispute between a Buyer and Seller, Sandhill Select Horses will occupy the position of agent for a disclosed principle and stakeholder and will be discharged from all obligation upon delivery of any property and/or funds held, to a court having jurisdiction of such dispute.  


EXAMINATION: Buyers should satisfy themselves concerning the condition of any horse prior to purchase. We encourage interested buyers to visit the location of the horse, if possible, look over the horse, make further inquiries, contact the Consignors and Agents and ask questions about their horse. Buyers, Bidders, Owners and/or spectators are notified to use extreme caution while on the grounds of equine facilities and those inquiring or visiting do so at their own risk. Neither Sandhill Select Horses nor any other independent contractor associated with the sale, assumes any liability whatsoever for accidents, death, or injury to persons or property before, during, or after the sale. 

The sale staff is not responsible for announcing ALL blemishes or scars.  PRE-SALE vet examinations or inspections are encouraged and, if requested, will be the financial responsibility of the interested party.  Please consult with the Consignor or Sandhill Select Horses’ designated Vet prior to such examination. A Buyer CANNOT HAVE A VETERINARIAN PERFORM A PRE-SALE EXAMINATION on any horse AFTER PURCHASING. Vet Statements provided by Consignor or Sandhill Select Horses does not guarantee results or findings. All horses are sold “as is” with all existing conditions and defects, if any. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to make sure the horse is a good fit. We are not responsi­ble for a person’s inability to ride or get along with a horse. 

RADIOGRAPHS, VET EXAMINATIONS, SOUNDNESS EXAMS: Sandhill Select Horses may have Radiograph and/or Vet Examinations available. The documents are not expected to prove an animal is “perfect” or free from any defect. The option simply allows interested parties access to the information available. 

CATALOG INFORMATION AND ANNOUNCEMENTS: Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure correctness of the information printed online. 

Any right of recourse must be directed to the Owner/Consignor of the horse.

Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time by posting the revised Terms and Conditions on the Site.  We may terminate these Terms and Conditions at any time by suspending or terminating access to the Services and or notifying you. The Site and Application allows you to place bids, monitor live auctions and perform other relative activities in connection with the Auction Platform. Your continued use of the Service after we have posted revised Term and Conditions signifies your acceptance of such revised Sale Conditions. 

Consignors, Buyers, Bidders and persons engaging in our Sandhill Select Horses Sales/Auctions will be held to the Terms and Conditions of the Consignment and activity whether or not you read and agree to the contract. 

Sandhill Select Horses reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to accept or reject any bid or any request for a Buyer Number.